wooden hand wash basin from grinERAWooden sinks are in fashion for quite  some time time. There is a trend  to replace  ceramic sanitary ware, to warm and aesthetic alternatives in the bathroom.

We want to respond in this article on why a wooden washstand can enhance visually the entire bathroom. Together with the bathtub, the washstand is the elementary component of a bathroom. Sure, you clean yourself in the bathroom, but in addition the bathroom can give you the possibility to supply your body with positive energy after a long day. Isn't it true,that you want your bathroom to be representative, and different from a standard bathroom, as seen on most homes? Quite often we get to hear how thrilled guests and customers are of our wooden vanities. This is probably because the surface of our products offer so much more variety for the human eye than a ceramic / plastic wooden integrated hand wash basinproduct can. Each of of our produced lavabos from wood, are a real eye-catcher.

Our wooden sinks leave a lasting impression to the owner and their guests.  The reflection of our products change from every perspective. The grain of warm wood  shimmers in many different tones and pulls the viewer's hands magically to it's surface. Everybody who gets a chance to see our products in person, wants to touch them, feel the uniqueness of a wooden sanitary product. The smooth surface, whether oiled, or painted and polished, reflects your high demands of exclusivity and luxury. Of course, the price of a  handmade wooden washstand is higher as an alternative ceramic sink at the hardware store. Quality has its price. However, you can be certain to  have much longer the pleasure with  our products and upgrade your bathroom into a wellness oasis, in which your soul and body find the relaxation that you deserve after a busy day.