1.1. How can I buy your products?
Please contact us by email, telephone or use our contact form. we will forward you contact information to our  regional partner, and a price list of our products. In case you write us , please include your address, so we can direct you to your regional sales partner.
1.2. Which woods are being used for your products?
We solely use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood for our products. Our planet, and it’s nature are in our opinion the most important good, and we try hard to protect and care for it.
1.3. I have special wishes. Can you make custom products based on my demands?
All of our products can be individually customized to your wishes. Special sizes, exclusive and / or different woods in one product, integrated illumination, Whirlpool and Jet Stream additions, additional heating for the water, your own design – No problem. We already show several variations on our website. We at grinERA will be glad to advice you in the planning stage to make your noble sanitary product become as unique as you want it to be.
1.4. How long does delivery take?
Products which we have in stock, can be delivered within 2 – 7 days within Europe. Worldwide shipping might take longer, depending on sea / air fright.
Products which we produce individually for you, usually have a production time of 6 – 12 weeks, depending on the size, complexity, and utilization of of our product plant. We will set up the day of delivery with you, before the products arrive at your destination.
1.5. Which payment types do you offer offer?
We offer wire transfer to our bank account and PayPal. Most credit cards can be used through PayPal.
1.6. How can I contact grinERA, in case I have any more questions?
You can contact us by phone 004922479693363 and through email service@grinera.de. We will be glad to help you out.

Further questions:

2.1. How can I individualize the product to my demands and desires?
On our website you can see several typical woods, coatings, and sizes. Special sizes, even XXXL, untypical exotic wood, and additional demands are usually no problem. You need fitting accessories, such as furniture, Mirrors, Tabletops? We will be glad to forward you our individual offer based on your sketch. You can use our upload feature, or send us an email with your wishes. We will try hard to meet your expectations.
2.2. Are your products waterproof?
You will not find any cheap products from far east at grinERA. Our products come from European production and contain highest quality materials from name brands, to guarantee you a long time of joy with your wooden bathroom product. Within the last years we have made several intensive tests, and offer you a dependable product with a reliable coating, which will be scratch proof, water resistant, and sturdy to temperature.
2.3. Wood and Coating
The Multi-Layer-Coating consists of several different layers, which build a robust and reliable barrier against environmental influences. Several layers are within the wood, and not just on top of it. Our knowledge enables us to guarantee, you will have pleasure with your wooden products for a long period of time.
2.4. Production
The wooden wash basins and wooden bathtubs offered through us, are being handmade from experienced carpenters, with modern methods and computer-aided technologies. Due to the different grain of each tree, our products receive its uniqueness.
2.5. Product design
On our website you can see our standard variety. We will be happy to realize your own design. In principal we can meet almost any shape. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience to achieve a high quality product.


2.6. Delivery
Products with a weight below 30kg are usually being delivered in a package.
Bathtubs and large wash basins will be delivered through freight carrier to your door. Please be advised that some products, such as large bathtubs might need special organization and strength to be moved upstairs / through doors and installed properly.